Water Management

Water Management-plant close upWater resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum use of water resources. (From Wikipedia)

Successful landscape maintenance has expanded in recent years to establishing a balance between water as a costly commodity and the capital living environments we strive to keep flourishing. JPA Landscape and Construction is committed to team with you in exercising good stewardship and management of our water resources. As CLCA Certified Water Managers, we are trained in consulting clients and creating efficiencies in the properties we maintain.

JPA Landscape & Construction prides itself on our ability to MANAGE WATER RESOURCES for our customers. While JPA stays abreast of the latest technologies in the industry, we have found that there is not one solution for all properties. This can be frustrating to customers, but planning is the first step to managing water resources. From these plans, JPA can develop a solution that meets the customer’s budget and work to implement water distribution solutions in both the short and long term.

Basic optimization of water use for your landscape starts with establishing a baseline. This is done by requesting the water usage from your water company for 2 full years. Looking at the UNITS, and not the cost, this will allow you to establish a baseline (JPA does this for our customers upon authorization to access water records).

Action Plan

Armed with this data, JPA puts together a plan of attack to manage the water consumption by looking at the small/inexpensive possibilities first, moving into the more extensive/expensive amendments for further savings.

  • Change watering cycle-optimum time between 3am-8am. Can save 20-30% due to evaporation alone.
  • Audit current system-Quick Wins will give you 20-30% PER VALVE
    • Leaks
    • Change heads (eliminate over/under coverage, overspray & misting), cap off some areas
    • Verify like types of plants on one valve
    • Alter the amount of water per station/plant type
  • Test the soil-Healthy soil uses water more efficiently
  • Install Bark- Proper levels can reduce water needs 20-40% savings
  • Replace landscape with drought tolerant plants/consider Xeriscaping
  • Investigate replacement of controllers with ‘Smart Controllers’

Water Management-water dropSuccess is found where the health and beauty of our surrounding environments meets reduced water consumption. JPA stands confidently in the abilities and dedication of our staff to be future water focused. If you have not already consulted with our team about the water strategy for your property, please reach out to your Account Manager or the Customer Service department to launch into conservation and future savings.

Get started today with managing your water with the help of JPA Landscape & Construction.

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