Community Manager

Community Manager

JPA’s professional Account Managers and Customer Service department work to assist the Community Managers to make their job easier. Both the Account Manager and Customer Service department work in unison to ensure open communication with Property Managers regarding the consistent and timely management of their shared properties. A variety of monthly and daily tasks are completed so that the Property Manager is always aware of progress on their properties’.

Daily Support

Commercial Property door tagAccount Managers. Account Managers don’t hold bankers hours…They are always in touch with what is going on within your property. From oversight and training of maintenance crews, horticultural knowledge, to coordination with our irrigation and construction departments, these individuals measure the pulse of your managed properties to ensure you know things are getting done. If you want to know more about your property… just ask your Account Manager.

Customer Service. Customer Service (CS) is available from 8 am-5 pm each day. This group of dedicated employees, answer the phone and route calls to other departments as needed; working in unison and back up of the Account Managers. They have status on all Work Orders in process and are knowledgeable of the individual accounts. Each CS Representative is assigned set accounts in order to stay abreast of what is needed and where things are. Our CS Reps partners with the Account Managers and all JPA Field Staff to manage the account and report back to the Property Manager.

Notifications. Email notifications to the Property Manager are sent upon completion of work orders as they are completed.

Emergency Service. JPA offers 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week. We are committed to 15 minute response time to emergency calls as we have there is a staff of employees on call 24/7.

Monthly Support

Commercial Property Customer ServiceActivity Report. By the 10th of each month we send out Activity Reports to our clients. These Activity Reports contain a concise and organized consolidation of all requested and extra work activities that JPA performed on the property for the previous month. Along with these activity reports, come an open proposal report.

Open Proposal Report. The Open Proposal Report includes all outstanding proposals that JPA has created for that property. This monthly reminder of proposals that have not been accepted or declined prevents items from falling through the cracks.

Irrigation Inspection. JPA has a rotating irrigation audit that allows us to be proactive around water leaks and break-downs in the irrigation system. These audits are detailed out and the CS department creates the necessary proposals for needed repairs and recommendations. To better our effort at sustainability, we ask that our property managers partner with us in supplying and analyzing community water bills. With this information, our team is better equipped to see patterns and potential problems with the irrigation systems on your properties. These are just a few services that we provide as a part of our monthly maintenance.

Ongoing Account Support

Budgets. In August of each year, JPA provides projected budgets for each of our properties to assist the Property Manager in their overall property budgeting. This assists the Property Managers in making sure that nothing is missed for the next year planning and allows them to be proactive and to instill a ‘no surprise’ budget.

60 Day Property Assessment Report. On large new properties, a 60 Day Evaluation Assessment Report is completed which outlines the status of the property landscape with recommendations for ways to improve the maintenance of the property. JPA will propose ways to work with the Manager to establish short term as well as long term plans to ensure the property is well maintained and the infrastructure is kept up to the standards expected by the homeowners.

Personal Touch. In addition to the reporting and documenting services, our team is available to attend board meetings, review proposals, conduct water audits, give presentations, assemble historical reports, and provide the personal touch that gives our services exceptional value.

JPA Landscape & Construction, Inc. is here to work with you to create beautiful landscapes.

Management Services

commercial property manager

Why choose JPA?

Clients are continuously provided value in their service, such as, alternating turf mowing patterns, maximizing irrigation controller capabilities, recommending scheduled plant replacement, preparing 1-5 years landscape budgets, proactive reporting of conditions whether there are landscape issues or not, providing activity calendars for the year, providing proposals with clearly identified scope of work, etc.

What type of reporting can I expect?

Every month an Activity Report is generated for each property. It is on this report that Customer Service will make notations of special tasks. A copy of this report is emailed to the Property Management Company each month. By request, at the commencement of a large project, we can provide a 60-Day Overview Report. Clients with maintenance contracts exceeding $3,500 a month receive a bound copy noting landscape conditions, trees, irrigation equipment with locations, which devices control which areas, etc.

What is your response time?

JPA has 24-hour service with a 15-minute response time on emergency calls. We can be on site within 30 minutes as we have strategically located our branches. During normal business hours, we have a Customer Service department dedicated to handling all service calls. Using the latest technology, we are in immediate contact with all crews, supervisors, and account managers.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to our core business, Landscape Maintenance, JPA carries a General Builder License. A sample list of what services we can provide can be found HERE.

Is there consistency in the staff?

Management staff averages seven years with JPA. Roughly 50% of entry-level gardeners do not make it through the first year because of our strict adherence to company policies and procedures. This enables us to promote qualified individuals from within the company.

How do you attract good employees?

In order to secure the best people JPA provides a benefits package superior to our competitors. JPA also compensates employees 100% of any continuing education costs.

How are employee skills gauged?

Our training program and routine skill assessment procedures ensure we are tracking and advancing the skills of our Gardeners. Employees are ranked at Gardener Levels and Crew Leader Levels based on their knowledge and abilities. The goal is to advance each individual for our combined goals and the service of the communities we maintain.

How is Safety Addressed?

JPA has a comprehensive Safety program sanctioned by Planet: Professional Landcare Network. This Safety program is administered through monthly meetings at each of our maintenance yards where the appropriate topic is discussed in a proactive fashion. Managers and supervisors inspect onsite practices routinely for safety compliance and care.